Ian Chesterton

Shoreditch, United Kingdom
Interests: (12)
barbara wright, biology, chemistry, making fire, maths, physics, science, susan, sword fighting, teaching, the doctor, vicki
Roleplaying journal for Ian Chesterton from the BBC's Doctor Who.

Ian was a science teacher at Coal Hill School until Barbara convinced him to investigate Susan, one of their pupils. They ended up in the TARDIS, travelling through time and space and occasionally ending up somewhere near home, but never quite close enough.

His skills include ability to use the Vulcan nerve pinch before they ever thought of it, making fire by rubbing two sticks together, sword fighting and looking good in a skirt or a cardigan.

fandom_smash: Ian arrives in the Nexus the day after marrying Barbara.

greenage_rpg: Ian arrives after Fandom Smash, by which time Barbara's decided to stay in the Nexus and has vanished from Ian's home, so he's no longer married.

[community profile]trans_9: Ian is from the beginning of The Chase. App

[community profile]into_spring: Ian is from Trans 9, only an AU future where he's married Barbara on shore leave the day before he arrives in Winter.

[community profile]thegames: Ian is from towards the beginning of The Chase. He is scored 8 and is in District 3. App

[community profile]teleios: Ian is from the end of the short story Mire and Clay (set between Reign of Terror and Planet of Giants). App

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